Arete Industries understands the sensitive nature of high-end customer service when it comes to providing unparalleled quality to members of prestigious clubs, resorts and residential communities with luxurious amenities and high expectations. No matter what setting, our D2C process will have your members worry-free on the back nine and you in front of the eight ball..

Through years of experience, we have perfected our system, which allows us to offer custom support through each phase of our process. We start by building a relationship with our clients and comprehending their needs. Once the goals have been set, we offer various options from an array of innovative solutions, with unparalleled quality assurance.


We listen. Our goal is to become fully aware and in-tune with what our clients want from day one. By building this relationship, we understand you and your expectations. We also provide onsite consulting to view the property and offer our feedback. We will recommend materials and designs we feel will work best for your property, which is an integral step in our D2C process.


As specialists in custom design services, we find having an experienced graphic design team an irreplaceable part in the production process. Our D2C specialists work closely with you from initial design until final delivery and provide pre-production proofs for all orders; a critical step in quality assurance.


A majority of all processes are performed in-house and are subject to our stringent quality assurance processes and procedures. Our products are proudly hand made in the USA!


Products are shipped with a D2C stamp of excellence as proof of our quality inspection. Clients can then use the contact information printed on the stamp to contact us with any questions at any time.


As the sole manufacturer, we control delivery times and can therefore meet nearly any required deadline, should your order require expediting or any other custom need.


Once the products are delivered, we offer ongoing support and are readily available to assist with anything you may need.