Exclusive Materials


Dendron™ Outdoor Signage

Dendron™ products are manufactured using a combination of extreme heat and pressure to fuse a protective layer over stunning fade resistant graphics. This unique process eliminates the possibility for delaminating layers, which are commonly associated with other over-laminate adhesive-backed processes that utilize vinyl or lamination. The result is a finished product that provides years of high quality graphics with little or no maintenance in even the harshest outdoor environments. What’s more, Dendron™ is manufactured from recycled content and utilizes water based pigmented inks meaning it is Eco-Friendly.


10-year non-prorated warranty; recycled content core; subsurface graphics for easy cleaning; fade, scratch & graffiti resistant; impervious to moisture; allows for geometric or free-form shapes; thermally stable

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Terra-Tec™ Signage

Our Terra-Tec™ synthetic products are as close to the real thing as you can get. Nearly indistinguishable from natural materials, Terra-Tec™ is an economical alternative to real granite, rocks or wood and available in several unique shapes.

We’ve formulated the color selection to resemble the same colors found in Mother Nature. All of our Terra-Tec™ synthetic products are available with polished or unpolished faces and standard edges or rock-pitched edges.


Enhanced graphical detail; mimics nearly any natural material or geographical setting; withstands extreme temperature changes; resists cracking & chipping; includes UV inhibitors and anti-graffiti finishes


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