Don Morrison acquired the company in 2000 as DG Morrison, Inc., featuring Designer Golf Products (DG) as the flagship brand. Although the business has grown steadily over the past decade, the management team envisioned to expand into various vertical markets and thus developed the parent company, Arete Industries. Since then, we have seen significant growth in our family brands, R3 Site Furnishings and Site Essentials, along with our original brand, Designer Golf.

We strive to be the best, something that shows through from the name on the door – Arete – meaning “excellence of any kind”, a virtue we hold in high regard. Arete Industries was founded on the values of quality craftsmanship and superior service, principles that remain the cornerstone of the company today.

Arete Industries has cultivated a culture among the company to ensure they build client trust through personalized one-on-one attention. This culture has been achieved and will continue to thrive through the experience, ethics, loyalty and integrity provided to each and every client.