About Us




Arete Industries is a full-service design and manufacturing company, specializing in unique innovations for a range of industries. Through our proprietary “Designer to Client” (D2C) system, we effectively manage the design, manufacturing and installation of each product to ensure quality assurance is exceeded. We offer the most durable and sustainable materials on the market and can customize any product to match the look of each unique property.

In addition to our unmatched quality assurance, we offer our customers material and design innovations to meet nearly any customer need. We understand the world is moving faster each and every day and we constantly re-invest in state-of-the-art technology to ensure customer expectations are exceeded and products are delivered on time.

Our mantra is to constantly educate our team to provide endless options to our core audience while delivering superior American-made products and outstanding customer service.


Arete Industries delivers high quality solutions and continuous product innovations to exceed client expectations.


Arete Industries strives to be an industry leader in each market we serve, developing a foundation of excellence and virtue on which clients trust to deliver high quality craftsmanship and innovative solutions.


We strive every day to build a company culture at Arete Industries that prides itself on making certain everything we do includes; accountability, respect, high regard for excellence, moral virtue, innovation, creativity, integrity, fairness and attention to detail.